Jay Glazer's NFL Training Camp Survival Kit Included A Steak Knife Under His Pillow

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There's a quick question and answer profile on Jay Glazer in the Albany Times-Union that covers most of the usual bases. Terribly boring and soul-crushing jobs at the outset, dogged determination, a secret mixed-martial arts career and eventual success in one's profession.


There is also an interesting story from Glazer's first New York Giants training camp in Albany. He was living on a cousin's couch in a "frat house" that had yet to make the transformation from crack house to frat house and eventually made a friend for life in Michael Strahan.

"This place was a dump, obviously, it's a crack house. So I come up here and I'm thinking I'm going to have a good place to stay, it's a frat house and all that. There are no bedrooms I could get into, there was a television that was thrown over on to its side, and there was a burned-out couch, and that's what I had to sleep on the entire month, a burned-out couch.
"In the middle of the night, this 6-foot-6 guy comes breaking into the house, climbing through the front window. I wake up, and I'm petrified out of my mind. This guy is wearing jeans, a robe and a shower cap. He comes in there, and I'm like, 'What are you doing?' 'Oh, I'm looking for Ray-Ray.' 'You've got the wrong house.' I threw an Arizona Iced Tea bottle at him. I'm about freaking out. This guy runs back through the window and jumps out.

"I tell Strahan (Michael, who was playing for the Giants and later was best man at Glazer's wedding) the next day and said, 'Dude, I've got to do something about this.' So Michael swiped, from the Giants, sheets, blankets and pillows for me to make this burned-out coach something more livable. I went out and bought a steak knife to keep under my pillow.

h/t Doug K.

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