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Correction (4:04 p.m.): Turns out there are two Genesis Communications in the radio world. Jay Mariotti actually partnered with the one that owns and operates six stations in central Florida—not the one affiliated with Alex Jones and his ilk. Our bad. Fuck Mariotti anyway.

The day we all have not been waiting for has finally arrived: Jay Mariotti is back in the game of hot sports takes. He's got his own little blog that will also be home to his own little radio show, and he's proudly doing it with the backing of a radio network that "was developed to promote the importance of investing in precious metals" owns and operates six stations in central Florida.


Mariotti, who pleaded no contest two years ago to avoid going to trial on charges including assault, domestic violence, and stalking, bragged about his new playpen in an email this morning to the Sherman Report.


Here's Mariotti in an open letter to his readers (there's no permalink) on his new site:

“I should note I’ve had meetings with ESPN and Fox about joining their operations, and candidly, I think they’re too corporate, while they have their own opinions of me. Point being, I can’t be The Man if I’m working for The Man and The Man has a close business arrangement with the subjects of my commentaries.”


Translation: ESPN and Fox wouldn't hire me, so I guess I'll do this.

Mariotti tells Sherman that Genesis Communications is "paying me for the content and the show." That would be the same Genesis Communications that syndicates the daily radio show of conspiracy nutter Alex Jones. When I clicked on one of Genesis's channels a few minutes ago, I heard an ad for an upcoming UFO conference in California, followed by an ad for bitcoins. Another channel was airing a show in which callers ranted about how we're all going to die from genetically modified foods. An Infowars news break at the top of the hour just included an on-the-street interview with a guy who says Obama is "shredding the Constitution, daily." Kinda puts a whole new spin on Mariotti's stated desire to be The Man while simultaneously sticking it to The Man.


[Sherman Report]

h/t to Mike V. for the photo

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