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All had been quiet (for once) on the Jay Mariotti front since late June, when a California judge ordered him to stand trial on assault, domestic violence, and stalking charges stemming from an incident in which he had allegedly pulled out his ex-girlfriend's hair extensions. And now we know why: Today it was announced that he pleaded no contest, and just as soon as that news went public, Mariotti created a Twitter account to promote a Kindle Direct book he has written about the case.


According to the Los Angeles Times, Mariotti was willing to enter the plea in exchange for having all five counts reduced to misdemeanors, thus allowing him to avoid going to prison. He was instead sentenced to a year of counseling, 90 days of community service and five years of probation that can be reduced after three years.

His lawyer was quick to point out that Mariotti's no-contest plea was in no way an admission of guilt, which is true, at least in legalese. But the lawyer added that Mariotti avoided going to trial to make his case because—ready for this?—"the fact that he is an accomplished writer provided him another avenue, in this case a book, to tell his side in an unconventional but progressive manner."


Amazon describes the Kindle book—titled The System—as "a raw, revealing, hold-nothing-back look at his eventful life. Mariotti takes the reader to places most authors do not, detailing his ordeal in a Los Angeles court case — the lies, run-arounds and suspicious machinations involving police, prosecutors, lawyers and a money-seeking opportunist — at a time when the justice system is being examined more critically than ever. Mariotti also rewinds a career filled with powerful experiences, fond memories, cautionary tales and a relentless trail of tumult and personal hardship."

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