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Jay Mariotti: Lurking Tormentor Of The Chicago Bar Scene

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Mariotti's omnipresence on the Chicago bar scene — and recent photos confirming it — have opened the floodgates from numerous other Chicagoans(ites) who've had unfortunate run-ins with him. A few samplings of the (alleged) Mariotti interactions.

[Sic'd] for your viewing pleasure:

With Jay running amok all over Chicago and your site I thought you would enjoy these two tidbits.

Last Saturday night my buddy saw jay wander in alone to a karaoke bar at 1 AM in Chicago, proceed to hit on several 20 somethings all of which shunned him close to immediately in favor of other meatheads with a shitload of gel in the hair.

Secondly, Jay Mariotti was involved in the biggest night of my life so far as he was one of the last people I saw before I popped the question and got engaged.


I just walked by Jay Mariotti on the street. he was talking very loud on his cell phone and the exact quote I heard was "I'm trying to get the security camera tapes so we can figure out who was twisting my arm off"

Would like to confirm Jay Mariotti is a Douchebag.

And I was entertained by his columns! By you gotta call a Douche a Douche.

Even when I met the guy personally to say I liked his stuff, still a douche!


"I created a completely fake name to keep this anonymous but Marriotti was in Market Bar on Randolph in Chicago a few months ago wasted out of his mind. The funny thing is that it's owned by Kenny Williams (they hate each other) and Ozzy Guillen is frequently there during the season. Marriotti was so drunk that he was asked to leave and left his credit card at the bar and has been back since and gets black-out wasted every time. The guy is such a loser."


Saw your article about Marriotti starting a scuffle at Underground. He stared a fight with me at Bull and Bear a few weeks ago over standing too close to him and he started throwing out how he was a national celebrity and how I probably made $20k a year. When the bouncers came over he blamed it on me and kept asking for the manager and kept asking the bouncers if they knew who he was. The guy is a classless jerk and I would be happy to comment further about the encounter if you are interested in writing about what a jag he is. Thanks.

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