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Jeff Triplette's Officiating Website Does Its Best Triplette Impression

NFL referee Jeff Triplette has had a rough December so far. There was a botched ruling in Week 13's Giants-Skins game killing Washington's chance at a comeback. During this past Sunday's Colts-Bengals game, Triplette overturned a call after viewing a replay, giving BenJarvus Green-Ellis a touchdown when video showed Green-Ellis was down before going into the end zone. As if that scrutiny wasn't enough, Triplette's also having problems with his officiating company.


Triplette is president and CEO of ArbiterSports, a company that allows sports leagues to organize and coordinate officiating assignments. Roughly 400,000 officials use it a year, so it's a little more than a pet project.

On two different days this December, ArbiterSports was completely borked. Inaccessible. The servers had somehow been Triplette'd. So, earlier today, customers of ArbiterSports received an apologetic email explaining the site's problems. While it's funny to imagine an already-flustered Triplette typing this sad email out, he probably didn't, but hey, his signature is at the bottom, like an exclamation mark to this system failure.

For Jeff Triplette, every day is Monday.

Photo: David J. Phillip/AP

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