Jemele Hill Just Taking This Whole Lou Holtz-Hitler Backlash in Stride

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Jemele Hill finally addressed the whole Lou Holtz/Hitler non-suspension story today on her personal blog and is predictably measured in her response. Hill, who was suspended last summer after she dropped the H-bomb in a pro-Pistons column for, says that she's received plenty of emails from friends and controversy-seekers (including me) looking for a seething indictment from her about ESPN's hypocritical NO HITLER policy. She didn't bite. Instead she said this:

The last couple days I've been inundated with calls and e-mails because of the Lou Holtz controversy. He made an inappropriate Hitler reference. I made an inappropriate Hitler reference. We both apologized, but only I was suspended. A lot has been written about this. Many have said that ESPN treated me unfairly. The 64,000 question: How do I really feel? My initial answer is a story, or rather, a moment. A couple years ago, I was visiting the Poynter Institute, one of the foremost journalism think tanks in the country, and I sat in on a session taught by one of my favorite columnist and people, the Washington Post's Sally Jenkins. A student asked her if she ever got upset when other writers rewarded — particularly if she knew they weren't as good. And Sally said — and I'm paraphrasing here — that she always prided herself on keeping her eyes on her own career. That's my answer. That's how I feel.

So...high road. On another Hill/Holtz related note, the story was being discussed on the Howard Stern Show this morning. One problem: the kept discussing whether Holtz should be suspended in light of what happened to ESPN writer JAMAL Hill. Me, Mine, and Lou Holtz's [Jemele] PHOTO: The Starting Five