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Saw this little tidbit in, of all places, SI writer Jack McCallum's "Bottom 10" list: Softballer Jennie Finch is positively distressed about taking away her son's pacifier and blanket.

Given that she's made the bottom of list and that it's even mentioned at all, McCallum seems to imply that Finch is doing her two-year-old son, Ace, a disservice with her blog post titled "Potties, Binkys & Blankies." Finch writes that she's getting "stomach cramps" just thinking about the day she'll have to take said Binky and Blanky away.

We do know its time, we just aren't ready yet. We, notice, all three of us. We know we are digging the hole deeper and deeper as each day passes. My stomach is now to a complete cramp just talking about it. I know many moms are out there thinking get a grip and a back bone! The time will come, when? Not sure, but it will! Every one already thinks he's that 5 year old kid with a binky because he is so tall. I need a shirt for him that says, "My daddy is 6'5" I'm only 2! Leave me, my mom, and my binky alone"! As you can tell I have a complex. We are getting there trying to limit it to naps and night time... for the most part. The day will come, just not sure when.


Poor, Ace. Can't wait for the day when Jack McCallum spots the young boy on the street and just rips the binky right out of his mouth.

Pottys, Binkys, and Blankies [Jennie Finch]

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