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That baseball players are superstitious creatures is nothing new. Their behavior can be wonderfully strange, not least because of the utmost seriousness with which they approach whatever it is they do. And Angels pitcher Jered Weaver, who no-hit the Twins last night, proved to be no exception. At least until he really, really had to take a piss.

Mitch Williams of MLB Network noticed that after every inning, Weaver stuck to the same routine as he returned to the dugout, where he was left alone by his teammates, in keeping with proper protocol during an ongoing no-hitter: "He set his glove down, he set his hat down, and reached and got a piece of gum," Williams said.


But in the eighth inning, the MLB Network studio crew also noticed something out of the ordinary: All of a sudden, Weaver left his seat and walked hurriedly toward the clubhouse. What? Why? What did he have to do at that exact moment that would cause him to so defy the baseball gods? How could he dare test the game's supernatural code so brazenly, and just as he was closing in on finally finishing the job? Harold Reynolds was dying to know. So he asked. Weaver answered honestly, and his reply trickled forward without hesitation, which you can view for yourself here:

Jered Weaver Peed On Superstition During His No-Hitter
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