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Jeremy Hill Reacted To His Costly Fumble With Anguished Screaming

Pittsburgh’s 18-16 victory over Cincinnati Saturday night will be remembered for Vontaze Burfict’s dirty hit on Antonio Brown and Pacman Jones’s subsequent penalty on the same play, gifting the Steelers 30 yards and an easy game-winning field goal.


But a minute before that wild play, the Bengals possessed the ball in Steelers territory, and were about to kill the game off. The only reason the Steelers were even in position for a game-winning field goal was because Bengals running back Jeremy Hill fumbled the ball with 1:36 left.

As it turns out, Hill was mic’d up at the time for Showtime’s Inside the NFL, and as the game slipped away from the Bengals he responded despairingly:

The only thing I can think while listening to this is that Hill sounds like a severely wounded puppy, and a deep and powerful maternal instinct I didn’t know I had makes me want to hug him as tight as I can.


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