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Jeremy Mayfield Fails Meth Test (Not A Deadspin Classic Post)

NASCAR has been looking for something, anything to get a judge to reinstate Jeremy Mayfield's ban after testing positive for meth. Perhaps testing positive for it again last week will do the trick.

In court filings today, NASCAR asserts that in addition to the test that led to his suspension in May, Mayfield failed a random drug test on July 6, with meth again showing up. You'd think after the first "false positive," Mayfield would have stopped taking Adderall and Claritin-D together. But you know how addictive those A.D.D./allergy medicine cocktails can be.


In addition, NASCAR filed an affadvit from Mayfield's stepmother, claiming she personally saw him use methamphetamine at least 30 times over seven years, first cooking it up himself, later buying it from others.

Mayfield's sticking to his guns, though:

"I don't trust anything NASCAR does, anything (program administrator) Dr. David Black does, never have, never will," Mayfield told The Associated Press in a phone interview.

"Now they got this lying (expletive) to tell lies about me, someone I am embarrassed even uses the Mayfield name. She's tried everything she can do to get money out of me, I won't help her, so I guess she found a way to get money from NASCAR by giving them an affidavit full of lies."

The legal wrangling over Mayfield's ban may be moot, as he's been unable to find a sponsor willing to let him race for them. May we suggest Carl Edwards' #99 Claritin Ford Fusion?


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