Jeremy Mayfield Likes Fire, 'Splosions

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We're not saying that Jeremy Mayfield's meth-fueled race car stepmom drama makes him (and his sport) look like some sort of redneck version of Hamlet….but this video of him blowing up gas cans doesn't help.

Mayfield is accused of being a gigantic meth head, a charge he vigorously denies. He claims to have multiple clean drug tests from independent labs and that NASCAR spiked his failed drug tests. (This will be in court for awhile.) However, if you're trying to convince the world that you're a sober, level-headed citizen it won't help your cause to have people dig up old videos of you lighting random fires, packing watermelons with explosives, throwing M-80s at men with guns, and blowing up cans filled with gasoline. That doesn't exactly scream "responsible death machine operator."


Now we would also never allege that everyone who likes to blow shit up is a meth addict ... but if you are a meth addict, chances are you don't mind seeing shit blow up. Unless it's your meth lab. That's no fun at all.

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