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Jeremy Mayfield Goes To War Against NASCAR And His "Whore" Stepmom

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As noted last night, NASCAR says that Jeremy Mayfield failed another drug test, but he has fired back with even more outrageous countercharges—like implying NASCAR's chairman is on drugs and flat-out accusing his stepmother of murdering his father.


To recap: Mayfield tested positive for methamphetamines on May 9 and was suspended from driving on the circuit. He sued in protest and a U.S. District Court judge issued an injunction on July 1, lifting the suspension. On July 6, NASCAR administered another drug test that he also failed (again because of meth), so they went back to court yesterday to get the ban reinstated. In a surprise twist, their legal filing included a signed affidavit from Mayfield's stepmother, claiming that she has personally seen him use the drug at 30 times.

Well, Jeremy did not like that at all. He's filing a wrongful death suit against Lisa Mayfield, claiming she killed his father in 2007. (The death was officially ruled a suicide.)

"She knows what we've got on her," Mayfield said. "For her to come out and do this is pretty ballsy. Everybody that's ever known me knows I never, ever have been around her for more than 10 hours of my life. She's a gold digger. I knew that from Day 1." ....

"She's basically a whore," he told's David Newton. "She shot and killed my dad."

Oh my. This has certainly taken an unexpected turn. There are two possibilities here. Mayfield is right, and his gold digging stepmom killed his father and then ratted him out to his bosses—who are determined to destroy his career over some unexplained grudge. Or two: Mayfield is seriously whacked out on crank.

Or I suppose it could be both? Just because you're paranoid, that doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.

"Brian France out there talking about effective drug policy, it's kind of like Al Capone talking about effective law enforcement. And that's the way I feel about it. The pot shouldn't be calling the kettle black, you know what I'm saying? And I think the world needs to hear that, too."


"They're playing this high school [expletive], they better be ready," Mayfield said of NASCAR. "I'm coming after them in a big way. I'm prepared to go all the way and have the backing to do it if it takes everything I've got. I'm not going to back down for something I didn't do."


Well, he's definitely excited about something. No sponsor would touch Mayfield before yesterday and no matter what the truth is, this won't help. You may now commence the "redneck soap opera" jokes.

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