Jerry Jones Won't Sue The NFL, Still Won't Shut Up About Roger Goodell's Contract

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Another thrilling update in this saga of powerful old football men sending mean letters back and forth! Jerry Jones has announced that he will not be suing the NFL to block commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract extension, as he’d previously threatened to do. But that doesn’t mean he’s given up putting stumbling blocks in Goodell’s way.

Jones said he’d be dropping his threat to sue in a letter today to compensation committee chairman Arthur Blank. (That letter reportedly opened with “I know you are tired of hearing from me,” and boy, does that one seem about right.) Instead of using litigation to block the contract extension—which he claims has been drafted unfairly, without enough information given to team owners—Jones will instead try to force the NFL to require a majority vote of all owners, rather than just the compensation committee, before proceeding.


The owners already held a majority vote on this subject back in May, when they voted to authorize the compensation committee to handle the contract extension on its own. And Jones already formally requested a new majority vote of all owners last week, which was formally rejected. And here we are, with another fussy letter, which will get a similarly fussy response, and so on and so forth, until we all fall down from the force of the angry serious football men stomping their feet all at once.