Jerry Sandusky Apparently Still Coached At A Small College Last Year Even Though He Failed The Background Check

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We've already told you about Jerry Sandusky's attempt last year to become a volunteer assistant coach at D-III Juniata College in central Pennsylvania. His effort was thwarted when a background check revealed the inconvenient detail that he was under investigation for something. And even though the check did not specify that a grand jury was looking into allegations that Sandusky had committed acts of sex abuse against children, Juniata officials were credited for having done their due diligence by denying Sandusky's application.

But WHP has since interviewed two Juniata players who have said that, yep, Jerry Sandusky did in fact serve as one of the team's assistant coaches, and that, yep, his role was a pretty involved one. The players spoke on condition of anonymity, as did a a third player who had not heard what the other two had said but was able to verify their story, according to WHP.

Both Eagles players paint similar pictures: the legendary ex-Penn State defensive coach attending practices, coaches' meetings and all of the team's games.

During those games, Sandusky helped call defensive formations from the press box, alongide other Juniata coaches.


Sandusky's presence in the press box wasn't a one time thing, either. The players say he was there during every game of the season—even at home games, despite the school's former athletic director reiterating to the head coach that Sandusky was to have no connection with the team.


The players added that Sandusky typically wouldn't leave the press box until after the stadium had cleared, perhaps to avoid detection. A school spokesman put the blame on former head coach Carmen Felus, whom he said was given "three distinct orders" that Sandusky was to have no involvement with the team. Larry Bock, Juniata's since-departed athletic director, said he had also restated that command to Felus after Sandusky was seen in the press box at an away game in September 2010. Felus, now the co-offensive coordinator at Tennessee-Martin, had given Bock assurances that he would comply.

EXCLUSIVE: Denied job after background check, Jerry Sandusky still coached at Juniata [WHP]