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Jerry Sandusky Had An Appeal Hearing Today, Which Meant Lawyerin' Joe Was A Witness To His Own Lawyerin'

Fresh off his near-miss (0.22 percent! So close!) in the Deadspin Hall of Fame balloting, Lawyerin' Joe Amendola was back in a Bellefonte, Pa., courtroom this morning on behalf of convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky. It was Sandusky's first time in front of a judge since he was sentenced in October, and he was all smiles as he entered the courtroom, because of course he was. Lawyerin' Joe had already made it known that the basis of the appeal would be his own incompetence. And today, it was Lawyerin' Joe who took the stand in Sandusky's attempt to make the case that his trial was unfair. The hearing was brief and the judge made no decision. But how'd it go?


Here's the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Norris Gelman, an attorney for Sandusky, told the court that trial attorney Joe Amendola was essentially "driving blind."

He was? Really? We had no idea.

On cross-examination, prosecutors asked Mr. Amendola if he could name a single document he has since reviewed that would have changed his approach at trial.

He said he could not.

Great strategy. Even before the trial, Amendola had argued he didn't have enough time to prepare. Too many victims, too many documents to sift through, too little time. Oh, right. About those documents:


Well, OK, Lawyerin' Joe. There's always next year.

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