Jesse Barfield's Sons Are Getting A Bit Big For Their Britches

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San Diego Padres second baseman Josh Barfield is the son of Jesse Barfield, whom many of you will remember as a pseudo-slugger with the Toronto Blue Jays back in the day. (By the way, we greatly prefer the old Blue Jays uniforms to the new ones.) Well, Jesse has another son, Jeremy, who was drafted in the ninth round by the Mets this year but was planning on attending San Jacinto College. And Jeremy has a little bit of a violent streak in him, particularly when it comes to dear old dad.

"(Jeremy) and his father had some kind of argument that apparently took place on the stairs in his house," said Harris County Sheriff's Department Lt. John Martin, a spokesman. "The father was lower on the stairs than Jeremy was and ... at some point during argument, Jeremy shoved him and he ended up falling down the stairs and struck his head pretty hard on the floor."

Jeremy was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault, and Jesse was treated and released from the hospital. We would find it somewhat disturbing that a man we remember as a strong, powerful baseball player is being pushed down the stairs like an invalid, but then we remind that Jesse is 46 years old ... three years younger than Julio Franco. And we don't feel quite as old.


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