Jets Hire Adam Gase In Hopes Of Going 7-9

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The New York Jets’ head coaching search has reportedly come to an end with the selection of perhaps the most boring name on the market. Despite a list of potential candidates that included exciting assistants like Kansas City’s offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy or hotshot Cowboys d-backs coach Kris Richard, the Jets have opted instead to pick up the Dolphins’ sloppy seconds, hiring Adam Gase to replace Todd Bowles. Gase just got fired by Miami after a 7-9 year, and he only managed a 23-25 record in three seasons. But hey, at least he went 5-1 against the Jets!


The 40-year-old Gase didn’t exactly have a wealth of talent to work with in Miami, but when judging him as an alleged “bright offensive mind,” the results are not pretty. The Dolphins ranked 31st in offensive yardage this season, ahead of only the Cardinals. And in 2016 and 2017, they ranked 24th and 25th, respectively. In the past two seasons, Miami had a total point differential of -226, and while some former players voiced support for Gase, the Miami Herald also found some possible red flags from the Dolphins after his firing:

One complaint voiced by players about Gase is that he didn’t necessarily stick with what was working in games. One player said the team would be running the ball successfully, and Gase inexplicably then started throwing it.

One sentiment we heard: Gase wanted to fool the other team but sometimes ended up outsmarting himself. That frustrated some players.

Another view expressed from the locker room: Gase wasn’t as emotionally level as a head coach needed to be at times. One player said if a play-call didn’t work, he sometimes let it carry over for several minutes and was out of sorts emotionally. That player said a more level, a more even emotional approach would have been preferred.

But there is some good news, here, no matter who you root for. Packers washout Mike McCarthy was reportedly only interested in the Jets job, so at least he won’t be a head coach in the NFL next season.