Photo: Julio Cortez/AP

Apparently, no one learned from what happened to that Breitbart shithead: Quote Jets linebacker Jordan Jenkins correctly, or he’ll come after you.

Jenkins was asked how he felt about Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch dancing on the sideline as Oakland blew the doors off the Jets Sunday. He called it “infuriating,” but added that Lynch’s actions “should infuriate the whole team.” It was clear with context that Jenkins meant seeing the Jets’ opponents happy should motivate the team to play better, and he didn’t take it personally. When asked if he thought Lynch’s dance was unsportsmanlike, Jenkins said, “Not at all. That’s football.”

ESPN, among others, picked up only part of the quote, so it seemed like Jenkins had beef with Lynch:


Jenkins, a journalism watchdog, pounced late last night and is still going this morning:



The Jets linebacker said he doesn’t want to talk to media “for a while”:

Marshawn would understand.