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The Jets have made a lot of impressive decisions this offseason, and that’s not the setup for a joke. Darrelle Revis came back, the already-fearsome defensive line improved with draft pick Leonard Williams, and they snagged Brandon Marshall for a fifth-round pick. There’s a lot of talent everywhere—except at the quarterback position, which has Geno Smith sitting at the top. Offensive coordinator Chan Gailey says it’s going to stay that way.


At this point, note the other options at quarterback: Ryan Fitzpatrick, rookie Bryce Petty, and former BYU/Kansas/Miami signal-caller Jake Heaps, who is definitely a real person and wasn’t made up to fill out the roster. Fitzpatrick might be the most appealing option, which is akin to admiring the stale bagel over the dusty roll of mints in the vending machine, but whatever.

Hey Chan, how would you describe Geno Smith?

Pretty good. Can the Jets kidnap another team’s quarterback? Does the NFL rulebook explicitly say they can’t?

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