Jets Running Back Returns To Team, Is Immediately Suspended

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Jets fans, are you still feeling bummed out about Mark Sanchez's injury, Rex Ryan's mini-meltdown, and the general ineptitude of your favorite football team? Well cheer up, because here comes some good news. Running back Mike Goodson has finally returned to the team after missing training camp due to personal issues. Goodson, who was signed in the off season, is a talented back who should really help solidify the Jets' backf—oh wait I'm sorry he's just been suspended for four games.


Goodson rejoined the Jets last night after being taken off the team's active/non-football injury list and was then immediately suspended by the NFL for violating the league's substance abuse policy. At this point, it appears that the Jets are incapable of creating good news.

Goodson's suspension also led to this wonderful ESPN New York story about his past legal troubles, which contains so many sad, Jets-y paragraphs that it's difficult to decide which one is the Jetsiest of all. Let's try, though:

At the time of the arrest, [Goodson] was so intoxicated that he was taken to a nearby hospital, according to police reports. He was the passenger in a vehicle that was stopped in the middle of Interstate 80 in New Jersey. Police say he was incoherent and had vomited on himself.


Getting so drunk that you pass out and vomit on yourself? That's pretty sad, but not Mark Sanchez-buttfumbling sad. Let's keep going:

Earlier, while with the Panthers, Goodson was sued three times by two apartment complexes in the Charlotte area, which demanded unpaid rent—ranging from $1,413 to $2,744, records show. In the two of the suits, records show he received eviction notices.

An NFL player failing to pay rent that is less than what a lot of New Yorkers pay? That's definitely just as Jets-y as Joe McKnight's sad journey through training camp, which ended with his release and this tweet.

And yet, neither of those paragraphs can compare to this one:

Jets owner Woody Johnson, speaking to reporters in June, said the team was willing to give Goodson a fair shake.

"We're trying to win games and do the right thing," he said. "Truth, justice and the American way."


God bless the Jets.