Pretty entertaining NFL opener last night, but what WAS the deal with the Redskins not going to the no-huddle on that second-to-last possession down by nine with about five minutes left? John Madden's explanation: Jim Zorn didn't have time to put in a no-huddle. That's a pretty hilarious notion, actually. "We were going to get to that on Friday!" But Central Main Sports Blog has another wacky-yet-entertaining theory. The Redskins wanted to make sure that the game was over in time for the start of the Republican National Convention broadcast. From Central Maine Sports Blog: Of course, the real reason may be obvious (CONSPIRACY THEORY ALERT!!!!). The Redskins are the team of Washington DC, and the Republican National Convention was due to be broadcast on NBC at 10:00 pm EST, which was to feature the acceptance speech of John "I hate Internet gambling" McCain. I know this is far fetched, but the relationship is a bit fishy (the team from the nation's capitol keeping viewers from an event that directly effects the nation's capitol) but is it at all possible that the NFL knew they had a 3 hour window and that they had to be done? I mean, the Giants absolutely went Showtime on the Skins in the first half, and then they didn't score a single point after the half. The Redskins, although down by 9 points with 5 minutes left, didn't start the no-huddle until they got the ball back with a bout 1:30 remaining, and only after they had used their timeouts. A little too tinfoil-hatty for me. But it did seem foolhardy for the Republicans to have scheduled the final night of their convention on the same night as the NFL opener. If Zorn had massaged the clock in the late going and whittled into that 16-7 lead by the Giants, perhaps no one would have heard McCain's speech at all (cut to Bristol Palin's boyfriend, chewing gum and watching game on handheld television during speech). The game was officially over at 10:02, meaning that the Republicans dodged both a major hurricane and an NFL opener to get their convention seen. That's some tricky flying there, Maverick. More on the game from the Redskins' perspective by Deuce of Davenport. And from the Giants' point of view by Giants 101. Can Skins Fans Blame John McCain For The Lack Of A Hurry-Up? [Central Main Sports Blog]