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Joba Chamberlain Will Not Tolerate Any Strip Club Heckling

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I have no idea how Alex Rodriguez is not involved in this story, but here goes. Remember how Joba Chamberlain was nailed for DUI at 1 a.m. on Sunday in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska? Here are the inspiring details of that evening, which ended with our portly hero being pulled over for speeding in a 2006 BMW 750i and clocking a .134 blood alcohol level, which I believe is higher than Morgan Ensberg's batting average. It turns out that Joba was at a strip club for a good portion of the night, and stormed out drunk after an altercation with a Red Sox fan. Man, can't a Yankee enjoy an evening at his favorite nudie joint without a Sox fan heckling him? I mean, come on. The New York Daily News details how Joba apparently spent most of the night drinking Grey Goose vodka at Dillinger's, a downtown bar, before then hitting the Night Before Lounge, a strip club. That's where he was harassed by at least one Red Sox fan, who got in this zinger, which apparently sent Joba over the edge: "If you played for the Red Sox, you wouldn't be sitting here!" (This was during the ALCS). Chamberlain got into a shouting match with the man, and one of Chamberlain's friends started shoving the Red Sox fan.

Once order was restored, Chamberlain and his five friends stared at the gyrating dancers for nearly 90 minutes before leaving just after midnight. Chamberlain paid the $145 tab and left a $100 tip at the club, where the cover charge is $3, the manager said. Kat, a regular dancer at the joint, said she didn't even know there was a Yankee in her midst and took no notice of the beef. "I don't pay attention to altercations — unless I start them," said the blond, who took the stage last night in striped prison garb that she seductively shed.

That's some mighty fine reportin' there, Daily News. The Night Before Lounge indeed sounds like a classy joint, and it's no wonder Joba ended up there. Consider this excerpt from a strip club review from the Daily Nebraskan:

Wade: I was very impressed with the Night Before Lounge. The prices for beer were a bit steep, but worth it for the atmosphere and quality performances from the dancers, who were the best I saw that night. They moved sensually and acrobatically from pole to pole, from horizontal to vertical to upside down. The Night Before is a great place for a guys night out: you can't go wrong with beer, football and beautiful women.


Well, apparently you can go a little wrong. Joba Jawed With Red Sox Fan At Nudie Bar Before He Got Busted [New York Daily News] The Night Before Lounge

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