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Joba Chamberlain's Freak Trampoline Accident Is Just Like Brien Taylor Getting In A Bar Fight

All the pieces fit, don't they? Strangely spelled first names, injured pitchers...actually, that's about it. Don't let that stop you though, Bill Madden. According to Madden, Chamberlain had a "death wish for his career." So, it makes all the sense in the world that he finally pulled it off at some glorified romper room playing with his kid. But what were the other nails in Joba's career coffin?

Only the most unthinkable things ever: coming into spring training overweight, a DUI and having the audacity to hurt his arm—when the Yankees even made up special rules to avoid injury—requiring Tommy John surgery. this is almost the exact same kind of recklessness Brien Taylor displayed in getting in a fist fight in some bar in North Carolina "defending his brother."


The theory goes that Chamberlain showed a lack of common sense in playing with his son, which is then equated with Brien Taylor fighting in a bar. Apples and oranges are indeed fruit, so Madden has a point there. Playing with your 5 year-old son on a trampoline-just like drunken fist fights—can be dangerous and can lead to injury. But are baseball scribes really getting in the business of telling athletes how to interact with their children? And then passing judgment with outrageous comparisons?


I don't know, maybe Joba was an idiot, maybe he wasn't. But at least compare it to something that makes sense. Say Aaron Boone getting hurt playing basketball—that would make sense. But Aaron Boone was not just arrested on sexy drug charges.


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