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Joe Buck Live Pretty Much Dead, Joe Buck Says

Fox's Joe Buck seems convinced "Joe Buck Live" will be canceled, but HBO still hasn't made it official. HBO reps went the "no comment" route when we asked about the show's status. Joe Buck sent us these parting thoughts:

"HBO told me early this week that the network was steering away from talk shows going forward. That's bad news when you have a talk show. It was a great opportunity and I enjoyed every minute of it. Yes, even those minutes in the first show. The people there could not be better to work with, and the experience I got doing a live show is invaluable. From Favre to Mayweather we had great guests, a lot of fun, and found a returning audience in a short time"


"I am not unrealistic though. If HBO loved the show, I am sure somehow it would continue. That's ok. I am a big boy. I gave it all I had and I had a blast on those three nights last year. Fox has talked about doing something similar so if David Hill and I can figure it out we will give it a shot."

The last episode of Joe Buck Live held a 1.2 rating, which is apparently pretty good for a live show on Tuesday night at 10 p.m.. Alas.

"The good news in all of this is that now I have more time to read my third favorite website - Deadspin. If you don't know my first two - ask Artie. "

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