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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Joe Gibbs was just on ESPN Radio and ESPN News with Ryen Russillo and Bram Weinstein, and he had an ... interesting way of expressing his feelings toward tight ends (and toward Charles Oakley, who had just finished his appearance on the show).

Russillo: Ryen Russillo, Bram Weinstein in again for Scott [Van Pelt] and out moves Charles Oakley and in comes the Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs, football coach, owner, the whole deal.

Gibbs: That's a big dude that just left here, that guy's a big dude.

Russillo: He looks like he could actually make the transition to tight end.

Gibbs: I think he could. I go to the pro basketball game every time and they always said I was queer for tight ends. I had more tight ends running out there with the Redskins, and I look out there and that's where the tight ends are, they're playing in the NBA.


Huh. He never was big on the Bears, I guess.

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