During his rant on WEEI yesterday, Red Sox punching bag manager Bobby Valentine brought Joe Maddon's name into his excuse for showing up later than usual before a game in Oakland (which he said was due to his son's flight being delayed).

From the Tampa Bay Times:

"Four o'clock. That's so late for a 7:05 game," Valentine said on WEEI. "Joe Maddon gets there every day at 4 o'clock, just for the record."


"To get there the same time as another manager in my division gets there every day, just about," Valentine said, then, continuing, when asked: "Joe Maddon. That's when he shows up every day. Not a day, every day, okay?"

Valentine said he based his information on Maddon from a Sports Illustrated story on Maddon, but no such info shows up in database searches.


The Tampa Bay Times said Maddon typically arrives for home games at 2:45 and for away games around 3, but Maddon took Valentine's comments in stride. As he walked out for an interview with reporters yesterday, Maddon said, "Sorry I'm late, I just got here." He later said he was "amused" and "slightly flattered" by Valentine's remarks. And then Maddon took to Twitter to take a jab of his own:


You win, Joe Maddon.

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