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Joe Maddon Vs. Davey Johnson Is A Great Old Man Fight

"The most boring ejection in baseball history?" No way, man. Davey Johnson and Joe Maddon, two feisty and erudite managers representing the oldest of old and newest of new schools, have moved into their second day of sniping after Johnson alerted the umps to some pine tar on Joel Peralta's glove. These are angry men, and their cranky quotes are gold. Some back and forth, starting with Joe.

"It was kind of a pussy move to go out there and do that."

"My only comment to him is: read the rule book."

"Insider trading right there, man. It's bush. It's bogus."

"I didn't know him that well, but I thought he was a weird wuss anyway ... He has a tweeter. He can get to more people than I can. I'm not going to get in a shouting match with him."

"Most men have tweeters. And I would never use my tweeter to an unfair advantage."


Never stop, you two. Hey Davey, I heard Joe said your Olympic bronze is a consolation prize! Hey Joe, I heard Davey said your '87 cabernet has an overpowering bouquet!

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