It has been amusing, as we flip through the NFL season preview mags we keep buying β€” are they always out this early? β€” is that every single one of them mentions Matt Leinart's fun-loving beer bonging. As we said from the get-go, the reason those pictures took off was because they fit into an existing narrative: Matt Leinart isn't taking his football seriously enough. And it was just reporters and fans who were thinking that. So now the Buzzsaw have a nice positive influence for the boy: Joe Montana.

Yep, Mr. "I'll Be Up In My Room Masturbating" has become an unofficial Leinart advisor. At least in a PR sense.

"As quarterbacks, we're kind of in our own little fraternity, and he was probably the greatest one to ever play," Leinart said of Montana. "So if I have questions on this or that, or plays, or how to deal with the pressure or anything - on the field or off the field - I know he definitely is there to help me out."

As the lone Buzzsaw booster, we are hopeful than Joe Montana can rub off on Matt Leinart; the man could use someone positive rubbing off on him.


Wait, perhaps that was poor phrasing.

Oh, and we can only assume part of Montana's advise is not to get married.


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