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Just because Oaks Christian High in Los Angeles never played a decently talented opponent this season is no reason to think that Nick Montana doesn't have a future as a quarterback. Or maybe it is.

Joe Montana's progeny completed 14 of 21 passes for 232 yards and three touchdowns on Friday as the Lions won their Northwest Division final against Gardena Serra, which was no match, talent-wise. But that's nothing new for Oaks, which finished 14-0 this season, every game a gimme. While the competition was lacking, it was kind of fun hobnobbing with the fans.

With Joe Montana, Norm Chow, Marc Tyler and a cast of hundreds looking on, the Lions became the first high school team to win six consecutive Southern Section football championships with a 63-28 thumping of Gardena Serra in the Northwest Division final.


Will Smith wasn't there, even though his son Trey, a sophomore, apparently was called up from the junior varsity for the game. Wayne Gretzky's kid, Trevor, also played JV.

Unlike 2006, when Jimmy Clausen led Oaks Christian to a California Interscholastic State Division III bowl title, Oaks saw their season end on Friday. They weren't invited to the state bowl game due to the fact that they only played one top-25 team this season; St. Bonaventure (13-1) of Ventura got the berth instead. Is the cupcake scheduling a way to protect Montana, a junior, from being pummeled by talented defensive lines? Treating him like a hothouse flower doesn't exactly indicate a huge amount of confidence in his ability. But we'll see ... maybe Charlie Weis can whip him into shape.

So Oaks Christian is now 99-8-1 at the varsity level since the school began playing football in 2001. Their own Tri-Valley League has started a movement to boot them out, and the search is on for a league with better competition. But if there's a chance the Lions might lose, will Tom Cruise continue to attend games? We'll keep you posted.


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