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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

According to some poll, Tom Brady is the least-liked quarterback in the NFL. 18 percent of people polled admitted they are miserable and jealous selected Brady as their least favorite quarterback. Joe Namath says it's because both he and his wife are pretty, and Broadway Joe can relate.

"I think he looks at his wife's pictures in the magazines and holds her hands more than he reads his own press clips," Namath said in a phone interview last week. "It is the wins No. 1, then because he is so visible [why he is disliked]. It is human nature to want that success and want to see your own quarterback succeed."

"Opponents having to play against Brady, have to be legitimately angry seeing his smile on the sideline after touchdowns," Namath said. "It's kind of a compliment to be disliked by so many opponents. It comes from winning first.


Namath, obviously, was also easily hated. If you think the NFL is buttoned-up now, imagine how fucking crazy it made people to see Joe Namath walking around with some porno mustache, a fur coat and white shoes in the sixties. He understands Brady because he was the closest thing the Jets have ever had to Tom Brady. (One day, Jets fans, one day in the distant future there will be an interview wherein an aged Tom Brady aligns himself with the Jets' living legend, stud quarterback and this won't feel so dirty. In the meantime, take solace in hatred.)

Participants in the survey were asked to select their favorite and least favorite quarterbacks from a list players. 12 percent of people said Tim Tebow was their least favorite. 13 percent said Tom Brady was their most favorite, though he was a distant second. 22 percent said Peyton Manning was their favorite quarterback.

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