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Joe Namath Regrets Nothing!

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So Joe Namath, heretofore known as The Guy Who Tries To Ruin A Perfectly Brilliant Moment With Talk Of Drinking "Problems," is out promoting his new book, "Namath," and during his "60 Minutes" interview this Sunday, he discusses the incident that, if nothing else, launched Kissing Suzy Kolber and made us once again appreciate the beauty of live television. He says he does not regret the incident.

"I was under the influence, and when you get under the influence, you may think you have things under control, but it's a fact that you don't," Namath says. He adds: "It was that incident that brought to light that I needed to do something, absolutely. And I'm glad. I hated having to deal with that incident, the family, the friends ... the fans. I mean, that really hurt."


We are pleased that Namath was able to get help for his drinking, and that it took something so high-profile and profoundly hilarious to make it happen. But he really shouldn't worry about having disappointed his fans; frankly, the guy earned himself a whole new generation of them.

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