We learn two things from the video below (autoplay, sorry), neither having anything to do with the Dolphins' lackluster running game. First, Google Glass is still basically Spy Tech for adults but second, and more importantly, these NFL press conferences are actually kind of sad.

If Philbin said anything noteworthy we'd be watching a clip of this session from a tight angle trained on the coach's upper body, just like every other coach's press conference. So we'd just see Philbin at the podium with the official Dolphins logo behind him. We'd never know that Miami apparently puts Philbin out in a parking lot, slaps five square feet of wrapping paper up on the wall behind him and lets reporters ask him whether he's concerned neither Lamar Miller nor Daniel Thomas have taken hold of the starting running back position.

Watch odd exchange between Miami Dolphins coach, player and reporter wearing Google Glass [Palm Beach Post]