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The life of a college football coach is fraught with peril. Boosters are constantly breathing down your neck, players are temperamental and inconsistent and, of course, there's always the possibility that some crazed fellow will end up finding all your cellphone records. But if you're Purdue coach Joe Tiller, there's another menace roaming the industrial fields of West Lafayette; those blasted blogs!

Purdue football coach Joe Tiller announced that all further practices will be closed. ... "I'm tired of blogging and guys talking about our practices, and postings, and all that bullshit," Tiller offered as an explanation. "All's it is is more problems than it is value."


We feel Tiller's pain. Sure, some people might be more concerned about wide receivers being stabbed in the chest, but that's not keeping one's eye on the big picture. When you're Joe Tiller, everybody wants a piece of you, all the time. And there's only so much Joe Tiller to go around.

Mad At Blogs, Tiller Shuts Practices [Indianapolis Star]

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