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Photo: Charles Rex Arbogast (AP)

Shit-talking aficionado Joel Embiid apparently does so in every facet of his life. During an appearance on Hot Ones released today, Embiid talked about how he induced teammate T.J. McConnell into a hissy fit that nearly ended in tears while the two were playing video games:

Here’s how Embiid remembers the situation going down:

I’m actually really good at everything I do, especially video game related. I was beating the shit out of him. He was about to cry. And I was enjoying it, that’s what I like doing. I like kicking people’s asses and literally being in their faces. Letting them know that they suck. That they’re trash. And that I’m better than them. Even on the court, he just gets mad about anything. I’m like, “Dude, just calm down.” That day, it wasn’t a good day for him. It was really bad, but I could understand his frustration because I’m that good.


Feel bad for McConnell if you want, but at this point everyone should know better than to engage in any sort of competition with the best shit-talker in sports.

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