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Sometimes we forget that the men we watch and obsess over on the baseball diamond are mostly children themselves, not just in age, but in a state of perpetual arrested development. They are gleeful imps, lucky to be allowed to frolic for a living.

That is to say: They love wrestling, Guitar Hero and being on the TV.

Detroit Tigers Curtis Granderson and Joel Zumaya were giddy when they got to their ringside seats at Sunday's WrestleMania 23 at Ford Field in downtown Detroit. "Pay for the pay-per-view," Zumaya yelled in his cell phone to his mother. "We're going to be on TV!"

Sure, they were amped about their last practice before Opening Day — Granderson says it went extremely well — but they were more juiced about how they'd be able to see the Undertaker, their favorite wrestler. "He's crazy like I am," Zumaya said of the Undertaker. "No, actually, I'm crazy like he is."


The fact that Joel Zumaya excitedly calls his mother and tells her to buy Wrestlemania on PPV so she can see him in the crowd makes it rather impossible for us not to like him.

Tigers Swap Grand Slams For Body Slames [Detroit Free Press]

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