Joe's Sports, Outdoor & More Calls NL East Race For Phillies

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Really, Joe? Really? With your team four games back in the loss column with 15 to play? Retailers are beginning to rely on that annual Mets collapse, just like they count on Christmas. I just know that A.J. is behind this somehow. Still, Joe's Sports, Outdoor & More has never steered me wrong in the past. UNLIKE a certain Mr. Peter Gammons. [Joe's Sports, Outdoor & More] • Talk About Putting Lipstick On A Pig ... GQ is worried that Brett Favre has not updated his wardrobe since joining the Jets, so they've done something about it in this week's issue; and it took an entire "men's fashion team" to complete the (Photoshop) task. [] • Chuck Liddell Is Intrigued By This Video. Kickboxing in the 1930s was different than it is now. Actually the Ministry of Silly Walks comes to mind. [Epic Carnival] • Will Leitch Is Intrigued By This Article. Which city houses the highest number of displaced NFL fans? In other words, Cowboys fans living in Washington D.C., etc. Hurricane victims don't count, because they're going back. And soon, here's hoping. [Silobreaker] • For The Sports Fan Who's Completely Insane. The only thing that trumps the Brett Favre Jets-Packers jersey ... the Super Bowl XX Bears-Patriots jacket. [The Bob Mantz Blitz]