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One of the funniest pieces by one of the funniest writers we know: The Mighty MJD's great Letter From Joey Porter's Pit Bull, in which the canine shows the same distaste for perceived disrespect as his notoriously batshit insane owner. Porter is amazing to watch because everything infuriates him; if you sneeze, Porter will find a way to take it as an insult so he can fire himself up to destroy you.

Therefore, we're not exactly eager to see how Porter handles being released.

Quoth the Kevin Colbert, the Steelers' director of football operations: "Unfortunately, sometimes you have to terminate a good player, just to make it all work."


Careful, Colbert: You just insulted Porter something fierce. He's about to get mad dog on your ass. And by "mad dog," we mean "he will eat you."

Steelers Cut Joey Porter [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

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