The outrage in at least one corner of the Bluegrass State today has been over Calipari's comments, beginning at the two-minute mark, in which he seems deliberately not to mention UK's in-state rivalry with Louisville. cn|2 "reporter" Will Mapes, whose station's coverage area includes Louisville, doesn't seem to notice, at least until he's back in the studio re-applying his blue and white face paint. But then again, cn|2's sports editor, Matt Jones, is a Kentucky sports blogger, and Mapes' own bio says he is "crazy about the Cats." Getting weak at the knees and passing it off as news is apparently what they do.

CORRECTION: So in my haste to take a shot at Matt Jones, Will Mapes and cn|2, I missed the point completely. The program is meant to be a haven for UK fans, and the bio of Will Mapes (who was not involved with the segment whatsoever) is meant to be ironic. They take shots at Louisville all the time. What I wrote was neither journalism nor legitimate media criticism. It was just stupid. My apologies. — Dom Cosentino