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John Daly At The British Open: A Gallery

There are many great pictures available of John Daly. This, from Friday action at the British Open, is one of them. There's a lot going on: the half-smoked cig, the bleached-blonde mullet, the jack and coke in the Dallas Cowboys travel cup, it's almost enough—amazingly—to distract from those pants. But don't sleep on those pants.

At first glance these look like a pair of Zubaz and camo pants had a couple jack and cokes in the hamper and got to know each other better. If you look closer, though, I'm pretty sure those are silhouettes of naked ladies in various sexy poses.


Let's see what else he's been rocking. On Thursday, he debuted the boobsy-lady pants with a far less subtle pair than his Friday choice.

But it wasn't all T&A for Daly, he started the week with some eye-catching and family-friendly houndstooth:


And then really went for it with these SpongeBob Squarepants...pants.


SpongeBob and that other guy look pretty psyched to be on John Daly's pants:


Unfortunately, Daly did not make the cut so we were robbed of two more days of John Daly Couture.

Photo Credits: Getty Images

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