Someone asked us the other day: "Why do people care so much about John Daly? He never even wins tournaments. He's not that good." The answer to our question was simple: John Daly is the world's only interesting golfer.

Anyway, Daly is defending himself against allegations that he hit his wife in the only place anyone knows how: On the voice mail of SI's Seth Davis.

"I was stabbed Thursday night of last week in my right cheek and clawed in my left cheek. She's saying it didn't happen. I want my fans to know it happened. I was the only one sober at this time. I just want the fans to know that I love them very much and my wife is a liar, a liar. I'm tired of being a victim of all this crap. She beats me up when I go to sleep. Every time I go to sleep she throws her fists on me. I just married the wrong woman."

See, you just don't get this from Tiger Woods. Heck, it's been since Cary Middlecoff that we had a good "drunken wife throws fists on golfer while he's trying to sleep off the bottle of Jack on the 11th hole" story. Ah, Middlecoff.

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