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John Gibbons To Power-Mad Umpire: "Were You Out All Fucking Night?"

Image via SN

The Blue Jays ran into one hell of an Ump Show during their game against the Oakland A’s yesterday. Over the course of a few pitches, home plate umpire Will Little managed to eject manager John Gibbons, pitcher Marcus Stroman, and catcher Russell Martin.

Gibbons was first up, getting run for chirping from the dugout about balls and strikes. After getting ejected, he came out of the dugout to get his money’s worth. In the clip below, in which we’ve isolated the on-field audio, you can hear Gibbons ask Little if he was “out all fucking night,” which is a pretty good burn to lay on an umpire.

A few pitches later, Stroman was also ejected for mildly expressing his displeasure at a ball he thought was a strike. Martin then stood up to try and defend his pitcher, and was tossed before even getting two words out:


Who knows, maybe Little was out all fucking night and was hungover and cranky.

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