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John McCain Is Conservative With His Brackets

We're not going to make any political statements on the presidential race — not only do we not do that here, but jeez, it's still a year and a half until the election — but we will say this: Of all the candidates in both parties, we suspect John McCain would be the most fun to watch the NCAA tournament with. He's probably the only one who'd have much idea what's going on — Barack Obama, a famed pickup basketball fan, and John Edwards, who is from North Carolina, also are possibilities; we doubt Dennis Kucinich watches much hoops — and we're pretty sure he hates Billly Packer too.

Anyway, via via Wonkette, McCain has posted his NCAA tournament picks on his official campaign Web site. The guy certainly is not liberal with his selections; he takes all No. 1 seeds to make the Final Four. (We can't make fun of him for this; we did the same thing.)


No other candidate has posted their brackets online — unless you count Rick Majerus — but we'd like to take guesses as to who the other candidates picked:

Barack Obama: Illinois.
Bill Richardson: New Mexico State.
Sam Brownback: Oral Roberts.
Mitt Romney: BYU.
Joe Biden: Jackson State (for its cleanliness and freshness).
Hillary Clinton: Florida.
Rudy Guiliani: THE YANKEES!

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