John Rocker Wants To Set The Record Straight

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With all this other steroid business going on today, we feel obliged to point out that John Rocker is not going to just be ignored. He's hoppin' mad about the "irresponsible dolts of the media."

He seems fired up about "the misinformed writings of an journalist," which is odd, since he's referring to a wire story on But alas. Here we go:

What I will attempt to do now is cut through the mind-numbing, irrelevant fluff the media loves to fill their airtime and articles with and give you the simple facts that I know and believe to be true, as I have lived them and can explain them much better than some pen jockey who has never spoken to me personally and lives 3000 miles away. Here are the facts using the simplest terms with the most convenient definitions:

Rocker is, in fact, quite simple in his explanations, we'll give him that. And he picked a good day to draw all the attention to him on the matters of steroids. Nothing else going on steroid-wise today, nope.