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John Rocker's Fans "Write" In

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The day before yesterday — we think some call it Tuesday — we mentioned, in our wrap-up of the month of June, that Long Island Ducks pitcher John Rocker was released on June 27.


Apparently, one of Rocker's buddies saw the bit. From an email this morning:

People like you make me want to PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are not fit to kiss Rocker's feet.
Not to mention that this news is six months old.

Honeslty, though ... is anyone fit to kiss Rocker's feet?

By the way, we encourage you to check out that John Rocker's Film Career story again. To remind you: He played a serial killer in a movie whose score was written by Kip Winger. We just deliver the news here, people.


John Rocker's Next Career: Hint, Kip Winger's Involved [Deadspin]

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