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Last night, the Long Island Ducks released former Braves cattlehand John Rocker after Rocker said he needed to "take a step back" from baseball. It is not known if Rocker is going to try to peddle his wares elsewhere, or if he will look for a second career.

If he does decide to try something else, we would like to formally suggest Rocker get back into acting. For those of you who might have forgotten, in 2002 Rocker starred in a slasher film called The Greenskeeper, playing an angry man at a golf course who kills random naked teenagers. Rocker's face is barely shown in the movie — though that's him in the picture, under a ton of makeup (we hope) — but it supposedly is him under the Greenskeeper's mask. (You can watch the movie's trailer here.) Rocker isn't even the most noteworthy part of the movie; what strikes us as particularly nutso is the film's score, which was written by none other than Kip "His Teeth Are Whiter Than White" Winger. We're still kind of weirded out by this whole post, actually.


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