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John Salley Story Corner: A Trip To The Gentlemen's Club With The Wife's Credit Card

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Every week, John Salley, onetime Bad Boy and currently the arachnoid half of the Spider and the Henchman podcast, will regale us with an amusing and occasionally salacious story from his playing days. Today: a teammate gets stuck with a big bill.

This was the 1990 championship team. It's about one of my teammates — I can't name him, but he played forward and center positions. This is the situation: We go to Houston, which has the Gentlemen's Club, which is by far one of the best clubs I've ever been to. [Ed. note: Might he mean the Men's Club, known for its outdoor pool?] The furniture's great. They've got great food. There are always a lot of gentlemen — they used to ask you to wear a jacket there — and lots of classy, classy ladies wearing classy clothes that happen to come off if you've got a twenty. They even have a pool. If you're there when it's hot in Houston, you can go sit by the pool with one of these honeys and dip your feet in the water while she's lying on a float. It's perfect.

So we're winning. We're the team everybody wants to see. And we're at the club, and my teammate has a drink, and the owner sends over a couple more drinks. He goes on to have about three drinks too many, and he starts buying drinks and paying for dances.


At the end of the night, they give him the bill. Everyone else has gone at this point, so he's stuck here with nobody except for the guy handing him the $860 bill. Now, my teammate's married, and his credit card is connected to his wife's credit card. So he begs them to make the bill say something other than "Gentlemen's Club." And can you break it up into $100, $150 charges? And spread it out over a couple of months, too?

The club was like, No. Love ya, Scottie.

The above is adapted from the "Spider Stories" segment on the Spider and the Henchman podcast. Follow John and his podcast on Twitter: @thejohnsalley and @spiderandhench. Subscribe on iTunes.

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