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John Sterling Is Still Wooing His Italian Girlfriend With Giancarlo Stanton Home Run Calls

Photo: Bill Kostroun (AP)

Giancarlo Stanton socked himself a dinger last night, in the third inning of an 8-5 Yankees loss to the visiting Blue Jays. You want to see the dinger, don’t you. Fine. Here’s the dinger:


Note, if you will, the home run call of Yankees broadcaster John Sterling. Sterling busted out that goofy Giancarlo, non si può stoparlo call after Stanton’s first Yankees dinger, and received a fair amount of mockery and criticism for using an Italian phrase to commemorate a historic dinger hit by an American slugger who comes absolutely no closer to any Italian heritage than that someone up the Stanton line once lived on the same continent as Italy. Sterling’s explanation for the call—that Giancarlo, in addition to being Stanton’s first name, is also a common Italian name, and that Sterling’s girlfriend is Italian—made it seem, if anything, goofier.

Sterling must still have the Italian girlfriend: For this most recent call, he crooned a couple lines of an old Italian song, “T’ho Voluto Bene,” with some new lyrics roughly tailored to the moment. Here’s the original song, which is lovely, but is only suited to the occasion if the occasion is, in fact, that you are trying to impress your Italian paramour:

Way to screw up the rhyme scheme, buddy! Did I mention the Yankees lost again? Better make sure: the Yankees lost, again, and are now an even 9-9 on the season.

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