John Terry Shouldn't Feel So Special

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Vanessa Perroncel didn't just have a fling with John Terry, new reports say. Try three other Chelsea teammates. I don't know if this makes Wayne Bridge feel better or worse.

There's a hierarchy of British tabloids, and no one out-sleazes The Sun. So when they got scooped on Vanessa Perroncel cheating on Wayne Bridge, they did what they do best: and took it to the next level.

A source close to Vanessa last night told The Sun: "To say she's a Chelsea Girl is a bit of an understatement.


Okay, no source actually said that. It's a pun, and the paper made the quote up. But you learn to accept this. It goes on:

Vanessa has always had a thing for footballers and set her heart on becoming a kind of super-WAG. During each affair she was always a single girl. But by the time she got to John Terry she'd achieved her own five-a-side football team.


So, besides Bridge and Terry, that's Adrian Mutu and Eidur Gudjohnsen, and another unnamed teammate. It's like she's the United Nations of road beef.

Oh, and you have to love The Sun's graphic, helpfully highlighting all the people she's supposed to have slept with. Maybe the child, front row, center, is the mystery 5th man.


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