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Number One basketball super recruit John Wall has not yet decided what college he will pretend to get an education at for one semester, but perhaps he just needs trespassing time to think about it.

Wall—who has still not committed to a school for next fall—was cited with breaking and entering a home last week, which I guess in Raleigh, North Carolina, is like getting a speeding ticket. He didn't actually break anything to enter and nothing was stolen and he was not detained by police, so I'm not really sure what the point of any of this is.

Authorities said Wall, 18, was charged with misdemeanor breaking and entering in connection with an April 27 break-in at a home at 3924 Laurel Glen Drive in Raleigh.

An officer saw Wall leaving from the rear of the residence and was able to detain him, police said.

Two other people were also charged. Bria Renea Draughn, 16, was detained while walking along a nearby street. Reginald Leonard Jackson II, 17, was detained when he returned to the residence, police said.


So basically, a few bored kids were caught being somewhere they weren't supposed to be. Also known as "Friday night in Raleigh."

Top high school athlete John Wall charged with breaking and entering [WRAL; Photo by C.F.Ward]

UPDATE: The current rumor is that Wall was at a house party thrown in an abandoned, foreclosed home. Squatter! [RTC]

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