For those of you still paying attention, we're still running our NFL Pants Party Pick 'Em league; with 2,512 entrants, a man/woman named "T. Clark," and his/her entry "Inst. of Victory Science" is comfortably in first place, with 132 correct games picked. (That's actually eighth in the entire pool; nice work!)

Well, we'll still be tracking that, but we'd also like to cordially invite you to join the Deadspin Bowl Pants Party, also hosted (unwillingly, we assume) by ESPN, because their Pick 'Em league is the only one large enough. Essentially, you just pick the winners of the bowl games, because you need some reason to watch the Bowl. (East Carolina vs. South Florida, by the way. Bitchin'!)


You can't actually pick any of the games until the bowl matchups are announced on Dec. 10, but we thought we'd go early just to pick our place at the table. We're gonna brew up a new prize package for whomever wins this, which we'll announce on Dec. 10, when we remind you to join once again.

Seriously, though: East Carolina vs. South Florida?

Join The Deadspin Bowl Pants Party [ESPN Fantasy Games]